Ceremony FAQs


Should I have music before my ceremony?
We recommend 30 minutes of prelude music prior to the start time of the ceremony, whether in a church, synagogue, hotel, or other venue. This sets the mood for your guests as they arrive and wait for the ceremony to begin. We typically recommend 8 music selections for this prelude.

How do I choose the prelude music? Am I required to select the whole program?
It is not necessary for you to choose all prelude music, unless of course you want to. If you give us an idea of the type of ambience you wish to create using a few examples, we can select the appropriate music.


How many pieces should I choose for the processional?
For a Christian or non-denominational wedding, you might have three separate pieces: one for the entrance of the mothers, one for the bridal party, and finally one for the entrance of the bride. This will be determined by the size of the bridal party and the venue. We will help you with this decision during consultation. Click here to view a suggested repertoire list for wedding ceremonies.

For a Jewish wedding, often there are two pieces: one for the entrance of the rabbi, family elders, groom and his parents, and bridal attendants, and another for the entrance of the bride and her parents. Click here to find a repertoire list specific to Jewish weddings.

How will you know when to start the processional music?
We will need a signal either from a representative at the venue, a wedding coordinator, or an usher. We will consult with the pre-arranged person before the ceremony and confirm the plan.

Do you need to know how long the music will be in order to time our entrance to finish with the music?
No. You can leave that up to us. We are very skilled in ending the music at just the right time. We need only know the number of people and the order in which they are processing to each piece of music.

Can I have music during my ceremony?
During a Christian ceremony, there is often room for short pieces of music: after readings, during the lighting of the unity candle, and of course communion or parts of the Mass. We recommend asking your officiant about these too, as there are certain pieces of music that may not be appropriate.

During a Jewish ceremony, there is generally no music from the string quartet. Often the cantor, if present, will sing here. Of course, if you wish to, you may choose to have a piece played as a way to include a time of silent meditation and reflection during the ceremony.

How many pieces do I choose for the recessional?
In general, there would be one piece performed during the exit of the entire wedding party, and one or two more depending on the number of guests that will be exiting the venue.